Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Amazing Race 7 aka The Boston Rob Hour

Do they really need another million? No. But deserve it? Oh yes!

I hated Rob with a passion on Survivor Marquesis. Danced a little happy jig when he got kicked off.
(I dont remember Amber from whichever Survivor she was first on..heh.)
I thought he was a pompous, arrogant, lying, insensitive, selfish, pretty-boy jerk.

Then on the All-Stars show, I just kept scratching my head...
"What the hell is wrong with these other players? Why are they letting these two stay together?"
I warmed up to Rob after a while...mostly because everyone else was just so damned stupid.
And he made me laugh at them.

The clincher was when he proposed to her. I was glad to see it wasn't an act...they really were a couple.
"I guess he's alright afterall", I said to my Boston-born "Significant Other".
"I told you", she said.
Must be an East coast thing. heh...

I don't think I have ever rooted harder for anyone to win a "reality" show then I am right now.
I hope Rob and Amber kick everyone's asses to the curb.
That he actually talked other people into quitting the Road Block...
and made them think it was their OWN idea!
Good God...he cracks me the fuck up.

This man, NEEDS, to have his own show. I dont know what kind of show...
sit-com, talk show, reality show host, satire news show, Candid Camera, Punk'd...
something, keep this guy on TV.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Poor Me. Boo Hoo

So I just did two things I swore I'd never do...
post my poems on the internet
and reply to a celebrities blog...
So what?

I have to get my thoughts off my chest somehow...
My partner is a Republican...I'm not (nuff said)
So what? poor me. Boo hoo.

I'm a housewife...
who isnt married.
Who is not ALLOWED to be married
(to whom I chose)
She probably wouldn't marry me anyway...
So what?

It's just a piece of paper....right?
Everyone she works with thinks she lives alone.
And she takes her ring off when she visits her family.
So what? Poor me. Boo fucking hoo.

My clock is ticking, but I can't tell her that.
I was a bastard child...swore I'd never do that
to any child of mine...
So when I realized I'd couldn't be with a man again
I decided to never have a child
but that was "then"...
And now I ache...

And that miscarriage really sucked.


The rest of my life will be lived in parenthesis~
An afterthought;
something left over...
A removed realityfrom the essential breath;
Something folded in~
without oxygen;
with no beholder;
without forgiveness;
without it's light gift of love...
Nothing more than something forsaken.
And so I wait
to close the parenthesis...
And finally make an end.

My Mask

As I look into the mirror
I wonder ~
what is this I've become...
Is there anything left inside?
When came this mask I wear...
Didnt it used to be flesh?
There used to be a time...
or was it all imagined?
I look into the mirror...
and remember those who came before
Did they ~ or you ~
take everything I had~
or was there nothing there to start with?
Other eyes see open arms
but this mirror contradicts them~
I look into the mirror
and see little staring back
Am I afraid to look any deeper...
afraid of what I'll see...
afraid of what ~ I'll feel?
Maybe I'm too trusting~
or could it be suspicion?
Has my life been uninvolved,
with the illlusion of compassion?
If I must go on with no ability to love...
then what's the point of living?

The Clown

The Clown is crying
her tears running free~
But to all aroundshe is filled with glee~
Laughing and clowning her way through life~
Smiling as hide her strife.
Laughing on the outside,
is all they care to know...
Hold back the tears~
go on with the show.
Help others~
play their games...
They needn't know it's all in vain~
For the Clown is crying...
soon they'll be gone~
The dancers dance...
and the band plays on.

Friday, March 11, 2005

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Blog...what a strange word. What exactly does it mean?
Conjures images of sinking in quick sand.
Maybe I am. Maybe we all are sinking, in something...
(thanks Mr Bush...)

Been out of work for almost a year...
No, I'm not a lazy bum.
Cheney considers selling things on eBay a "small businsess venture" and a good source of income...
What's wrong with that picture?

Who can even afford gas to go look for a job?
No job=no gas=no job...Catch 22
(thanks Mr Bush...)

What does he care? He doesn't pay for his own gas.
Does he even buy his own toilet paper?
I bet not....
He donated $10,000 to the Tusnami Relief Fund.
Big Whoop.
Sandra Bullock donated $1 million...
What's wrong with that picture?

My Grandpa fought in World War II and Korea...
Earned several medals...sacrificed years of his life for his country.
Helped build the original Disneyland...built skyscrapers in L.A.
His widow died last year in near poverty.
Total income of $603 a month...
Some "loophole" in the Sheet Metal Workers Union pension deal...
Not a dime from the military...ever.
Jose was on drugs and made $100's of millions playing a little boys pasttime...
Tom Cruise makes $30 million for a couple months work...
What's wrong with that picture?

I wonder how much that guy is getting paid to play Michael Jackson on E! TV?
He doesn't even have to speak...what a gig...
I called my local telephone carrier's customer service
and talked to someone in India...
He barely understood what I said...
Asked me what Country I was calling from...
What's wrong with that picture?

Been making the minimum payment on my credit card every month for over a year...
$2,300 worth of purchases...
I now owe $3,400.
How the hell did that happen?
Is Chase really that hard up for money? I think not...

What's wrong with this picture.....?